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Digital Illustration Prices 

If something you want is not listed please send me a message.


I can create the following:

  • Digital Illustrations (of your original characters and/or characters from other franchises)
  • Custom designs
  • Reference sheets
  • Fursuit badges (Digital art, physical product)
  • Telegram stickers (chibi only)
  • Sketch pages
  • Character pages

I offer 3 levels of shading/rendering:

  • No shading: This is a drawing of your character with just the flat colours.

  • Cell shading: This is an anime style render of your character with sharp, cartoony shadows and highlights

  • Painted: A detailed and in depth shading style that's more focused on realism

Backgrounds cost extra, and are calculated upon request

Fursuit badges:

  • Select the bust style you want (chibi/regular style) and the shading level you want (flat/cell/painterly)

  • The cost of the badge is that price, plus €10 for fabrication, plus shipping.

  • Unless otherwise requested, badges are one sided, laminated, and have a metal rivet.

Please see my TOS for a list of items I won't illustrate

Paypal only, clients must be 18+ or have a legal guardian that I can do business through instead.



Reference sheets (optionally) contain:
X sides,
Title (name/pronouns/species/age etc)
Colour pallet.
Flat/gradient/simple patterned background of your choice.
Likes/dislikes section.

Details of character such as their hobbies/traits.
Shaded close up of eyes.

Extras include:
Close up of 2 paws: +€15
Small, simple icon illustrations of items the character likes/ used (eg: weapons): +€15 per item
Close up of open maw: +€20
Custom order design consultation: +€ case by case basis

Extra items not listed can be requested

Reference sheets are specifically designed to be as readable as possible, with a focus on showing off all of the markings, colours and features of a character.

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