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Fursuit Prices

To get a personalized quote, please use this form:

When I next open for fursuit slots, I will respond to the submitted quotes.

Artistic liberty/surprise suits will be at a significant discount, link above for prices.

For full details on deposits and how to secure a slot with me, please see my "Terms of service" section.
For Rush Order details, please view at the bottom of this page.

Patterns I currently have access to:

  • Fursuit neck pattern by Sheenitude/SoulEnterprise, bought in 2022

  • Bird/Raptor hand paws by Sheenitude/SoulEnterprise, bought in 2022 (no examples yet)

  • Paws/feet by SparkyCanDo, Purchased in 2018 (my standard 4 finger puffy paws)

  • Sock paws by KemoCube, bought in 2022 (no examples yet)

  • 5 finger hand paws (Own pattern)


Prototypes that I am excited to try right now that will get a discount:

  • Planti/Digi Bodysuit

Note: these will be given at a discount as it will be my first time making these, and as such I can't guarantee my usual level of quality.

This discount will not apply to artistic liberty designs.

Fursit startig prices
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