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What is a refurb?

A refurb is where I take on a suit from a client in order to fix it up or add additional features. I take these projects on in between my fursuit commissions.

Please Note:

I will refuse to wash other peoples fursuits, and I will not work on an unclean suit. If you send me an unclean suit for a fix, You will not receive a refund and I will send it back to you unedited/unfixed, with you paying the return postage.

What can I fix?

It depends on a case by case basis, there are a lot of items I won't be able to guarantee that I'll be able to fix until I see the suit in person.

Generally, I can fix/replace

  • Eyes

  • Nose

  • Teeth

  • Tongue

  • Holes in stitching

  • New internal lining (I use grey Neoprene)

  • A fresh shave job

  • An internal elastic band, starting at the sides of the moth and going around the back of your neck for increased stability during high energy performances.

What can I not fix?

There are several things I won't offer as it could irreparably damage the fursuit, or I wouldn't be able to guarantee the sturdiness of the finished item. If you want these fixes or alterations I would recommend looking into buying a new fursuit, or attempting the repairs yourself.

I can not fix/replace

  • Bald spots

  • I will not fix LEDs/electronics

  • I will not add fans or electronics

  • Changing/altering markings

  • Altering the base shape

  • If the eyes are asymetrical due to the base shape being asymetrical, I will not be able to make the eyes match as precisely as my custom work.

  • Adding hard claws or hard teeth to an already finished suit

  • Unpicking fur from already sewn seams

  • Getting rid of any stains

  • Making eyes smaller

  • Making noses smaller (as I won't have a fur match to bridge the gap it would create)

  • Adding magnets (As I would need to remove the fur that's already glued to the base, carve out recesses for the magnets, and replace the fur back onto the head, which will probably be lumpy and wrinkly from the hot glue that was already there)


The most common fix I perform is adding new eyes to an old suit. Clients may come to me for these fixes because:

  • They want their suit to have better vision.

  • Their character has a different eye colour now than when they commissioned the suit.

  • They want the size of the blind spot reduced.

  • They want their suits eyes to be larger and more expressive than what they currently have.

My eyes are all Hand painted on Aida cloth, using a mixture of acrylic paints, inks, glazes, and Modge Podge as a sealer. Other materials used include EVA foam and hot glue.

2D/Flat eyes are standard

3D/following eyes are a more intense and invasive procedure


Clients will often ask me for a new set of teeth or fangs to be added to their suit.

They usually ask this if their old teeth are discolored or loose, if they want the teeth to be larger, or want a different style of teeth in their head.

The client can select any number of the following options:

  • Fangs (2-4)

  • Mini dentures (A single unit of 6 teeth on either the upper or lower jaw, thread sculpted, Includes 2 fangs)

  • Extra teeth (Such as molars or lots of sharp teeth like a shark)

My teeth are usually made with Mochi Minky fabric, though lycra can also be used.
I can not insert hard teeth into an already finished fursuit head.


My tongues are usually made with Mochi Minky fabric, though regular Minky can also be used. They are lightly stuffed with polifill.

This is the one place I can add in a magnet for you. If I am making you a new tongue from scratch, I can add a magnet into the tip of the tongue.


My Claws are made with either Mochi minky, or lycra. They are stuffed with polifill.
I can not insert hard claws into an already finished pair of fursuit paws.


My Linings are made with thick Neoprene. They reduce the need to wear a balaclave while suiting, and increases the level of comfort for the wearer.

They are mechine sewn and glued to the foam base of the head.

Anchor 1

New eyes, new nose, new teeth, new tongue


New eyes, Blind spot reduced, fresh shave job, holes fixed, replaced inner lining, replaced back of the head due to hazardous material being found in its original construction.


Top: Old eyes

Bottom: New eyes


1 Set of top fangs

1 Set of lower mini dentures

1 Non magnetic tongue


1 Set of top fangs

1 Set of bottom fangs

Extra teeth (Shark like)

1 Adjustable magnetic tongue


Neoprene Lining

Anchor 2

Starting Prices

New 2D eyes: €200
New 3D eyes: €300
Fangs (2): €50
Mini Dentures (1 set, 6 teeth total): €100
New flat nose: €60
New pickable nose: €100
Fixing holes: €100
New shave: €100

New static tongue: €20
New adjustable tongue: €30
Tongue magnet: An additional €15

These prices are higher than my general fursuit making prices as they include the labour cost of skillfully removing the old items in a way that doesn't damage the head, as well as working around another makers construction methods when adding in the new items.

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